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Terpsichore International Consulting

For the international client seeking professional employment in dance, acting, modeling, musical arts and related fields in the United States, Terpsichore International Consulting offers O-1 Visa consulting and resources. Upon arrival in the US, our services include professional placement, assistance in obtaining employment, and resources and references for housing and transportation. Our superior client management and liaison services throughout the application and transition process provides a positive experience.

"My experience with Terpsichore Management has been nothing but positive." – Eleanor Grayson, Performer

“Since arriving in the States, I am extremely impressed with Mr. Flagg’s dedication to me, my career, and his knowledge of the industry.” – Brooke Pascoe, Client

“Mr. Flagg steered me in the right direction with a great Immigration lawyer and someone he knew would get the job done well. He kept in touch throughout the process and gave continued support.” – Brooke Pascoe, Client

"What I respect the most about Thomas K. Flagg is his high level of integrity to his work and his clients." – Karen Musey, Client

"I have only known Mr. Flagg a short while, but have been very impressed with his experience, insight and teaching skills." – Lawrence Epstein, Program Director, Drexel University

"The minute I sat down and met Thomas, I knew that we were on the same page. There were no promises made, the thoughts we shared were constructive and to the point." – Christina Toth, Performer

"Thomas Flagg has been professional, available for consultation anytime I need, and a man of his word in everything he says (which unfortunately is rare these days). I’m grateful I was able to meet Thomas at such an early stage in my career, as he’s put me on the path to success." – Winston Marshall, Client

“He has a diverse background as an artist, producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist which gives him a unique perspective on art and business.” – Lawrence Epstein, Program Director, Drexel University

"Since the time we first shook hands I was captured by the presence of a person who is able to reassure you with a simple look" – Pasqualino Beltempo, Client

"...I am continually thinking about everything you suggested to me about and am trying to develop and apply these ideas. You gave me so much information in just two conversations and have inspired me with your knowledge and talent has helped me re-focus my goals and aspirations. I greatly respect and thank you for your input." – Alexandra Shieron, BFA Dance, Purchase College, New York, Canadian National

"After our first initial meeting I was confident in his ability and trusted his experience and knowledge about moving forward with Terpsichore Management in this new and exciting venture." – Jason Ruta, Actor/Performer

“Mr. Flagg is professional to the highest degree.” – Brooke Pascoe, Client

“Terpsichore International is more than an agency. It is a company that provides support and guidance to its clients.” – Sharona D’Ornellas, Client

“His ongoing passion and commitment to the art of dance, and to young dancers striving to succeed in the field, is exemplary.” – Susan Matthews, Chairman, Dance New Amsterdam

“Mr. Flagg is careful in the clients he selects, knowing they will also be representing him and his company.” – Sharona D’Ornellas, Client

"I felt he instantly understood me as a performer and more importantly as a person. He is completely on the same wave length as me." – Eleanor Grayson, Performer

"My instincts were supported by how quickly and efficiently Thomas set the wheels in motion once we officially agreed to work together." – Lee Poulin, Client

Terpsichore International News

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